Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mouse Utopia as an explanation for Political Correctness

The Mouse Utopia term is explained below ^

It is possible, perhaps even plausible, that the usual type of explanation for the self-hating, self-destructive insanities of New Left Political Correctness may be insufficient - and that in reality the core, permissive, necessary factor has not been socio-political but instead biological.

If the Mouse Utopia scenario is accepted, then since about 1800 in England (where the industrial revolution began), and starting with the upper classes (who were the first to benefit from lowering child mortality rates, and also the first to reduce fertility) then new and almost always deleterious mutations have been building up generation upon generation.

These mutations are 'random' and their effects fall randomly in the genome - how would they show themselves?

The answer is they would affect behavioural traits that are quantitative fitness measures (such as general intelligence, which has apparently declined rapidly and substantially over the past couple of centuries); and mutations would also have an early and rapid effect on behavioural traits that are the most sensitive and subtle, such as social and sexual adaptations.


In particular, I think the first affected traits would be attitudes.

I think that attitudes are extremely sensitive to even slight pathology, sickness, dysfunction of many types; and would therefore change before actual behaviours changed.

Thus, an early sign of Mouse Utopia would be changes in attitudes, especially social and sexual attitudes - and since mutations are nearly always harmful what we might see was...

Maladaptive changes in social and sexual attitudes.


By maladaptive I mean tending to reduce personal (and group) survival, and reduce reproduction.

Well... it fits with political correctness, like a glove.

Not proof - but the social and sexual domination of modern Leftism seems to be consistent with Mouse Utopia.


^ The Mouse Utopia hypothesis (deriving from Michael A Woodley) is that the relaxation of the historically very harsh forces of natural selection - especially the near abolition of child mortality in recent decades - has led to a generation-by-generation, objectively-dysgenic accumulation of deleterious mutations that are incrementally destroying the adaptiveness of the human species.

This process has been accelerated by a reversal of the historical pattern of reproductive success which started from the early and mid 1800s in the West, to favour the reproductive success of the lowest in intelligence (= highest in mutation load), and on average of lower social class and status. In other words, differential fertility has favoured those who would, on average, be carrying the heaviest load of deleterious mutations - while those who would be expected to have the least mutations have declined to severely sub-replacement fertility.


Arrgh said...

I went to review Mouse Utopia and read "The limiting factor of Calhoun’s experiment’s was space."

Then I thought about a Larry Correia piece on how most mass killing shooters end up being liberals.

Then I thought about those presidential voting maps by county ( ).

So are the attitude problems from mutations you suggest worsened by the fact that liberals are all crowded into their blue cities? If red voters were all crowded into small areas while blue voters were spread out across the country would the red voters be the PC nut cases and more likely to go on killing sprees?

Bruce Charlton said...

@A - Yes, the experimenter set up Mouse Utopia to study the effects of overcrowding, and he found what he went looking for! But in fact Mouse Utopia was never overcrowded, it had a far greater capacity than the mouse population ever reached - and the population growth declined, then stopped, long before any overcrowding was evident. And then the population stopped reproducing and went extinct! That surely can't have been caused by overcrowding. So, we (Michael Woodley and I) have reinterpreted Mouse Utopia as actually being about mutation accumulation. This of course needs to be tested by a re-run of the MU experiment, and Michael is hoping to do this over the next couple of years - resources permitting.

Arrgh said...

That will teach me to skim things. I thought the population exploded then dropped rapidly.

All that blue city crowding still seems unhealthy though.