Thursday, 18 February 2016

A new metaphysics for biology - second draft of a paper 19 Feb 2016

 25 February - Pre-print version now online at The Winnower - see:


Kenneth Lloyd Anderson said...

I like your clear way of writing about difficult things. I agreed with your hypothesis up to your defining “consciousness” as the metaphysical organizer of life, which suggests a non-materialism prior to material life. This takes us back to the same old spiritual blockade of reality, the Platonic worship of ideas rather than real things.

The guiding activation of life, to my mind, is material or supermaterial, which I call the will-soul-to-Godhood, which materially exists within life and activates life, indeed this actually best defines what life is, although we do not yet know its material or supermaterial makeup.

I don't even see the weird behavior of energy in quantum physics as supporting a spiritual, non-materialism, which is suggested so often. I see a material base to quantum energy, with the wave/particle difference being perhaps something like water changing to ice and then back again to water.

We can keep God and Godhood, but why must this always mean rejecting the material world? It need not be so if Godhood is seen as material or supermaterial, which life evolves to become.

Bruce Charlton said...

@KLA - I agree with you - everything is material but of many different types of stuff. But I left this question open because I don't have a clue about what kind of thing this might be, plus I did't want to get into that particular question of the nature of conscious entities.

MarkN said...

Should it not be Brian Goodwin. Above it's Bryan?

Bruce Charlton said...

Yes - Thanks - This draft is full of typos, because it was done fast and from memory.